Cross-border Inheritance Settlement

Our team supports inheritance issues at all levels with respect to U.S. property held by the deceased. We can ensure the transfer of assets to heirs by coordinating with our American collaborators the settlement of the estate in the United States. Also, any estate in which the deceased held more than US $60,000 of property located in the United States must file a U.S. estate tax return whether or not there is tax payable. Our team can take care of all the tax formalities related to the death.

Are you looking to have all the stages of inheritance settlement taken care of by the same professionals? We offer an integrated service that assists customers with the inheritance settlement procedure in Quebec as well as with Quebec / Canada tax compliance.

Services offered

  • Coordination of estate settlement before Florida courts.
  • Preparation of the U.S. estate tax return (Form 706-NA) and related forms (including Forms 8833 and 8971).
  • Preparation of final T1-TP1 returns, T3-TP-646 estate returns.
  • Requests to obtain discharge certificates from the liquidator.
  • Tax advice for the minimization of estate taxes (death tax).

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