TAX U.S. brings together several member companies; this is what makes our business successful. Indeed, it is the unique and complementary expertise of each of our members that allows us to offer an integrated American and international tax service.
Eric Caudron, B.A.A.
Fiscalité Corporative Américaine inc.

Fiscalité Corporative Américaine inc. created TAX U.S. in November 2013, and thus became the first member of TAX U.S. Group. The president of the company, Eric Caudron, has more than twenty years of experience in U.S. corporate taxation. He spent 13 years with two major accounting firms in Montreal and was vice-president of a firm specializing in U.S. taxation for Canadians. In addition, he participated as a course lecturer on American taxation in the University of Sherbrooke’s tax master’s program.

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Jason Chevrier, CPA, CGA, M.Fisc
Patrick Alary, Enrolled Agent
Jason Chevrier, CPA, CGA, M.Fisc,

JC Fiscalité inc. joined TAX U.S. Group in February 2015. His two shareholders, Jason Chevrier & Patrick Alary, cumulate over 30 years of experience in expatriate, non resident and U.S. taxation for individuals. Having worked with a large population of  professional athletes and expatriates, as well as holding an extensive network of contacts within financial institutions and accounting firms, the JC Fiscalité Inc. team will assist you with all your American and cross-border tax needs.

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Me Alexandra Fortin, LL.M. Fisc.
Me Alexandra Fortin LL.M. Fisc., Services Conseils AF inc.

Services Conseils AF inc. joined TAX U.S. Group in May 2016. The company’s president, Me Alexandra Fortin, worked for over ten years as a director in Canadian taxation in various accounting and law firms. Since 2011, she has also been a a course lecturer in the University of Sherbrooke’s tax master’s program. She is the author of various texts and a frequent speaker at conferences. In recent years, her company has developed expertise in Canadian taxation involving elements of international taxation.

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Me Caroline Vanier
Vanier Fiscalité & Succession inc.

Vanier Fiscalité & Succession inc. joined TAX U.S. Group in January 2019. After a few years working in litigation, the president, Me Caroline Vanier, changed her path to focus on tax and estate planning. She developed expertise in cross-border planning targeting clients with property in the United States or with dual citizenship. She also supports estates with assets located in the United States, including facilitating the transfer to heirs and U.S. tax compliance. She is the author of various texts and a speaker at conferences, including for Wolters Kluwer Publishing and the Association de Planification Fiscale et Financière (APFF).

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