U.S. Citizens and Dual Citizenship

Many U.S. citizens living in Canada or outside the United States are unaware of their tax obligations to the U.S. government. At TaxU.S., our professionals can explain your U.S. tax obligations, analyze your situation and assist you for compliance with the U.S. tax authorities.

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Citizens requiring various tax programs, including the STREAMLINED PROGRAM, ensure that your situation is compliant and to assist in avoiding significant penalties.

U.S. citizens living in Canada remain subject to the U.S. inheritance tax (U.S. estate tax) on all of their assets. Our team will be able to assist these citizens and their families in their tax and estate planning to ensure that the U.S. estate tax is minimized for themselves and their heirs.

Services offered

  • Analysis of your situation and detailed explanation of your tax obligations towards the IRS.
  • Preparation of updating your U.S. taxes and voluntary disclosure via the STREAMLINED PROGRAM.
  • Analysis of your situation and recommendations in order to reduce and facilitate your tax obligations towards the IRS.
  • Assistance for the renunciation of American citizenship or for the delivery of your green card.
  • Analysis of your situation and explanation of subjection to inheritance tax.
  • Implementation of estate and tax planning to minimize U.S. estate tax for you and your family.

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