Professional Athletes and Artists

Our expertise in cross-border taxation and our in-depth knowledge of a professional athlete’s and artist's day-to-day reality allow us to support you throughout your career.

Addressed to

  • Newly contracted players (to plan the start of their career and their potential transition to the United States). 
  • Players established in the biggest sports leagues (tax compliance and tax planning) and players planning to join various European leagues.
  • Referees from different major leagues.
  • Sports coaches.
  • Recruiters and other members of management in sports organizations.
  • Artists performing in the US.
  • Canadian artists with royalties from the US.

Services offered

  • Planning for departures to the United States at the start of the career.
  • Tax returns preparation for Canada and the United States.
  • Analysis of tax residence status throughout the athlete’s/ artist's career.
  • Tax planning when signing contracts.
  • Various types of planning (RCA, state of residence, establishment of a corporation).
  • Review of investment compliance in a cross-border context.
  • Analysis and understanding of eligible expenses for a professional athlete/artist in Canada and the United States.
  • Assistance with RRSP and 401 (K) contributions.
  • Implementation of tax planning to minimize U.S. estate tax (death tax).
  • Implementation of cross-border estate planning (wills, protection mandates, power of attorney in Canada and the United States, refer to the section on owning real estate in the United States).

Our expertise in cross-border taxation makes our team an excellent choice to support you in your career. Above all else, our knowledge of the sports world makes TAX U.S. Group your best ally! We provide peace of mind so you can focus on performing in your sport! Contact us if you would like more information.

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