International Taxation

One of our members that specializes in international tax will help you navigate through international tax planning and compliance so that you are fully aware of your tax obligations and be able to meet them.

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A wide range of clients, primarily non-residents of Canada (individuals, corporations, partnerships) who provide services, who work or who hold assets in Canada. Also, for Canadian customers who own property abroad or operate a business there.

Services offered

  • Analysis of tax residency status in Canada.
  • Analysis and interpretation of tax treaties between the different countries.
  • Compliance and assistance in matters of emigration from Canada or immigration to Canada.
  • Negotiation with the tax authorities regarding the provision of departure guarantees upon termination of residence when necessary.
  • Tax advices to Canadian companies or individuals wishing to do business abroad under a corporate structure, as well as advices on how to optimize cross-border tax obligations.
  • Tax advices for non-resident individuals or entities who currently own property in Canada or who wish to own real property in Canada.
  • Consulting services for non-residents of Canada regarding the tax consequences of their activities in Canada.
  • Analysis of withholding obligations regarding payments issued to non-residents (under Part XIII or under Part XIV ITA or with regard to payroll deductions);
  • Preparation of Canadian income tax returns for non-residents (corporations, individuals...).
  • Voluntary disclosure (unfiled returns, T1135, T1134, etc.).
  • Preparation of requests for tax identification number (NII);
  • Preparation of requests for certificates of compliance (T2062 and TP1097) when there is a disposition of Canadian taxable property by Canadian non-residents.
  • Production of NR4 slips and NR6 applications for the holding of real property in Canada by non-residents.
  • Preparation of various forms (NR5, NR301, NR302, NR303...).

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